Book Haul #7

9:51 PM

Why hello everyone~!

I haven't been blogging much simple 'cos Jenny has left for UK so my social life has dwindled to the point of non-existence. Thus there really isn't nothing much to talk about. Besides school, and we all know how foul my mood gets every time I start talking about it. But since we're on that topic, ALL my assignments are due either this week or next. So I am pretty much screwed. I should be sloughing my ass off this moment on one of my MANY essays which are due very soon, but instead I choose PROCRASTINATION. Lovely. I can see that I will surely ace every single one of my modules this sem. To add to the stress, even though my midterms are over, I have this speech competition thing to deal with. And it's for my language class and I AM MENTAL for even THINKING of participating in it (simply 'cos I cannot say NO to ppl and my teacher practically begged me). Public speaking is already hard enough as it is (I had a really traumatizing story-telling competition melt-down which left me scarred when it comes to public speaking), but to do it in a FOREIGN language is completely impossible. And my speech is like TWO fucking pages long after my teacher edited it. So I have to go through the torturous process of memorizing it.

If I can't memorize it perfectly, I am very much prepared to just drop out and pretend to be sick that day or smth. 'Cos I will NOT go through the humiliation AGAIN.

Needless to say, I am going out of my mind. BUT to keep myself sane and to cheer myself up, I've bought quite afew books. I bought these in the past few weeks, so I read some of them. Still, I thought I would show you all what I got~!! Books always get me so excited and happy! =)

I got 'Superstitious' by R.L. Stine. Which is one of his very few adult horror/thriller novels as he usually writes for middle-graders and teens. I have never ever seen it around in bookstores but I manage to stumble across it at a fair and I got so excited as he is one of my fave authors. Not that he is SO spectacular in his writing, just that I grew up with his books and I have never read any of his adult novels before. So, I'm really curious to see how the plot is gonna turn out.

Then I got 'Uglies' by Scott Westerfeld. This is a highly raved about book. I heard tons of people loving the trilogy (I also tend to love trilogies in general, as opposed to series). It's the first book and I couldn't recognize it at first 'cos this turned out to be the UK version, which I rarely see around here. Anw, it's a dystopian young adult novel about a society that considers all girls 'Ugly' until they turn 16 where they will go for a certain procedure that will turn them 'Pretty'. So the protagonist can't wait to get her procedure done and be considered Pretty (which is the norm) but her best friend doesn't wanna go through with it. So some stuff happens and she later finds out the dark side to being Pretty and the secrets behind the procedures. INTERESTING~!!!

Okay, next I got 'The Adoration of Jemma Fox' by Mary E. Pearson. I heard mixed reviews about this one. Some seems to either love it or hate it. But I couldn't resist after reading the synopsis. It's about this girl who wakes up from a coma with no memory of herself whatsoever. And then they sort of "show" her, her memories (I think it's set in the future) and she learns more about herself and the people around her. But then, she's not sure if the memories were hers to begin with and if she could trust those around her. Or if she could trust herself, as she learns more about what happened before her accident. GOSH, I gotta say, how can I resist that?! It's mystery, dystopia, identity all rolled into one. I'm gonna read this and form my own opinion about it. And just shut my ears and go "LALALALALA NOT LISTENING" to the rest.

I then got 'Lock & Key' by Sarah Dessen. OMG, I am starting to have a collection of her books. Without even meaning to. I just happen to stumble across good buys and they happen to be her books. NOT THAT they are bad or anything. In fact, I REALLY love them. To the point where I sometimes even crave her books. Especially when I'm down and in need of a heart-warming story to pick myself up. I didn't really read the synopsis for this one, I just grabbed this book. I find that the best way to enjoy her books is to just go into it blindly. =)

Then I went to Kino and was looking around, just wandering. Just BEING there makes me feel so happy. I almost JUMPED for joy when I saw 'Anna and The French Kiss' by Stephanie Perkins. And it wasn't the friggin' expensive hardback version either so I can actually afford it. Needless to say, I SNATCHED IT UP. I heard nothing but good things about this book, to the point where I was OBSESSED. I NEED to see what the hype is about. I even stopped reading my current book (The Taker by Alma Katsu) to read it. Also, 'cos teh pages flew by eventhough I only meant to just read the first few chapters. LOL! I already have the review up today. Just scroll DOWN!

In my hunt at Kino, I also FINALLY found 'The Summer I turned Pretty' by Jenny Han. This is also another teen romance drama story. I dun really know much about it. All I know is that it's something about summer and I'm pretty sure there's a love triangle in it. STILL, it got rave reviews and everyone LOVES the Summer Trilogy (another trilogy, hells yeahhhh). I think I will be reading this next. 'Cos it's been rainy and lame these past few days, I'm in need of a light pick-me-up sort of read.

Finally, I got 'The Duff' by Kody Keplinger. DUFF stands for the 'Designated Ugly Fat Friend'. LOL!! Well, I have really hot friends so I do feel that way at times. And it's not like my love life is super happening or anything. So I think I AM the Duff. The cover got me interested and the reviews were good! So I just popped it into my basket, sort of last minute before I headed to the cashier. It's about this girl who isn't exactly very spectacular in the look department and how she's dealing with this obnoxious (but hot) bully who keeps labeling her as the Duff. but things started getting crazy when an unexpected turn of events ended with Wesley (the bully) and her kissing... and then her falling for him. Omg, sounds so scandalous and fun~!

ALRIGHTY!! That's it! It's a pretty big Haul now that I look at it. but it's not like I bought it all at one go. It took afew trips. ANYWAY, I am super excited to start reading them. Although I realize that most of the books I bought this time are all girly, and teen-y. I guess that's the theme I subconsciously went for.


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