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To Anon (who commented on my chatbox),

I dunno if I am the person to ask when it comes to advice on NUS in general. Simply 'cos of my supreme bias against it. I detest the atmosphere there and HOWEVER, I have to highlight the fact that I am not exactly majoring on something that I am particularly passionate about. So that prbably contributed to my dislike of that place.

To be fair, I know of lots of ppl who enjoy it there at FASS, but it's hard to make good friends 'cos you tend to say goodbye after the semester is over and have to make new friends in your new modules when a new semester starts. unless you have a good friend taking the same major as you, then you can probably stick together.

I have a HUGE problem with the extremely competitive nature of the people there. I dun believe that everyone is inherently so competitive (and wanting to be the best at everything, not that there's anything wrong with that). It is mostly 'cos of the "Bell Curve" system that we have, so if someone gets an A, it is less likely that you will get one. And also, just 'cos you did well, if everyone else does, your grade will be considered average. Which is think is ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT. I mean, they should give credit where credit is due and not compare it with other ppl. but that is just me ranting. The point is, the ppl there wanna get their As and get their honours with first class and they are willing to do all that it takes. Be it participate 100% in class or read extra readings, blah-blah... I am not like that, OBVIOUSLY. But I tend to be the exception, not the rule.

Also, despite all the fluffy nonsense that they say about giving everyone equal oppurtunites for overseas programs and exchanges and all sorts of interesting university experiences. They dun look at anything but your Grade Point Average (you score). Due to limited space for such things, they disregard anyone below a 4.0 CAP (even if they say everyone can sign up). They just DON'T CARE about anything other than academics. They will say that I'm wrong and that they will interview you and see your CCA and blah-blah. A whole load of crap that they are feeding us. I know that I will never get to go on such things 'cos I dun get straight As or A+s. So they won't even take a glance at me. To them, the average person isn't worthy of such things. I know I am probably demonizing them. But I am just saying it as it is, they way I see it. 'Cos so far, I haven't seen anyone with a bad score ever get anything. Even if they are passionate about what they do.

Dun expect much help from those around you. No one really helps anyone there. It's all on your own type of mentality and you have to watch your own back. Also, the bidding system where you have to bid for your modules in FASS makes it such that sometimes, even if you get the major that you want, you might not get to do the module that you want. It all depends on your luck sometimes.

I know I'm just complaining like crazeh now. HAHA! I must sound so bitter. I have to say though, that smart and competitive ppl are everywhere, so I doubt that you can escape them. Especially in University, where ppl tend to show off their passion and smarts. I can't say is the situation is the same in other universities, but I can say for NUS FASS, it is not slack at all, 'cos the ppl are most the over-achieving kind. You just can't be intimidated and give it a shot. If you have the chance to come here, you should! But at your own risk. Who knows, you might fare better than me! =)

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