Book Haul #4

9:26 PM

Erm... This is crazy. I know I said I won't be buying any more books until I finished the ones I just GOT. But I met my friend at Northpoint and was just chilling and hanging, and I wandered into Popular. Thinking of getting some notebooks for my new sem. OMG. Popular sells good books!! I never knew that. They always displayed so little, and they have so few books compared to the OTHER stuff they sell, like stationary and etc. But I was SO SHOCKED, I saw 'Clockwork Angel' by Cassandra Clare.

And it was 20% off!! WHUT?!!! I practically screamed and grabbed it. It was like 13 bucks. So crazy! Then as I walked around, I saw TONS of cool new books that I was planning to get. Thankfully, not all are on discount and they seem the same price range as Kino. So I had to problems.


I saw a BOX SET. It was Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments trilogy. It just caught my eye. Eventhough it was hidden in an inconspicuous corner. And it was the last one. I was like OMG. I was planning to try out this series anyway. But it was kinda pricey if I buy them one by one. The box set was really cheap for THREE brand new, perfect books. And I can get the entire trilogy in one go. For only 12 bucks a book. I couldn't help myself. I COULDN'T. IT IS CRAZY.

So I got Cassandra Clare's 'City of Bones', which is Book One.

'City of Ashes', which is Book Two.

And 'City of Glass', which is the final book, Book Three.

It came in a pretty box set. And I got them. At freakin' Popular Bookshop. I have been turning my nose high and away from this local place, thinking it will never stock great books. Which is true, it's adult cooks collection isn't impressive. But what they do stock up on is Young Adult fiction, which this series falls under and they also stock up on all the bestsellers. So, most of the good books are there. Even 'Looking for alaska'!! I was so surprised to see it there. Like I could've gotten it ages ago, if I had bothered to enter that place.

Lesson learnt is that I shouldn't dismiss Popular so easily, thinking it's just a stationary and textbook shop. It sells, good book and great prices as they are more likely to have discounts rather than those posh bookshops like Page One, Kinokuniya and Borders.

My friend, Wan Cheng, also got me 'The Hungry Years' by William Leith

'cos it was on sale for like $3.90. And she saw that I felt so guilty for splurging on these books when I JUST had a book haul. This looks really interesting 'cos it's also about emotional eating and how cravings affect people and their lives. I am always interest in this topic. And since 'Skinny' was such a let down, I am hoping this one would be better. =)

Although I KNOW I shouldn't be getting anymore, I really shouldn't. But I am getting 'Hunger Games' by Suzanne Collins in the mail soon. 'Cos I saw it selling cheap on ebay. It is also on my to-read list so once again, I couldn't resist. I keep thinking, I'm gonna get it anyway. So might as well get it now and get it cheaper. Tmr, I'm heading to Eunos to meet this seller who is selling away her R.L. Stine Fear Street collection foe like 3 bucks a pop. My sis is really interested in it and as you know, R.L. Stine was my fave author EVER when I was younger. And I do collect his books, 'cos Fear Street especially, is rather hard to find.


I'm feeling really guilty, but at the same time, I feel SOOOO happy seeing them on my bookshelf and I get so excited just thinking about reading them. =DD

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