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3:56 PM
Sunday, July 26, 2009
This week has been particularly draining for me. What with extra geography lectures on a saturday. I imagine next week would be a lot worst with three tests which I have yet to study for. day by day, I'm beginning to hate my school more and more. I never had a problem with NY and the way they run things. But this term, it's ridiculous. We have common tests immediately after our mid years and they barely gave us time to revise what we might have forgotten after weeks of whacking our brains against the wall. My body's not looking too good either. I'm currently sick but not like fever or anything. It's mostly aching joints and body plus CONSTANT nausea. I even threw up yesterday in the mrt. Thank God for plastic bags.

My results are the worst they have ever been in my entire life, even though i worked my ass of in June (though some of you might find that hard to believe coming from me). My future's not looking bright. And the amount of work that they are piling on us is ridiculous. I'm especially pissed off with the economics test I have next wednesday (for no real reason). It's a full paper. Which means I have to stay back after school for three hours to do three econs essay. I don't get it. Shouldn't they do this after we get all our concepts straight. What's the point of testing us again when it is so freakin' obvious that we'll be failing them again? My school sucks eggs.

Like racial harmony day, right. No one dressed up at all. Granted that one of the reasons was that they didn't even announce that we could. And when a couple of my friends and I dressed up, teachers even told us to change out of it after common lunch break. Wth? Isn't it racial harmony day?? So basically, everybody was staring at us 'cos we were the only ones who bothered dressing up.


'Cos we're cool.


That's Weijian dressed as the roti prata man. And I'm Chunli getting pissed at him. Haha!




That's everyone who dressed up. We went into econs lecture like that and got alot of weird stares. But whatever. I love my friends for being so outgoing and daring. And they didn't pangseh me 'cos they were afraid of being judged by others. They rock, lah, seriously.



Shan looked extremely gorgeous in her sari. Omg, her tummy is like freakin' flat and toned. I bet she secretly works out but doesn't want to tell us. That sneaky girl.


We are so racially harmonious! I don't care what anyone says.

Well, it's back to the pile of homework which I have to get done by tonight. I hate school so much. And I have to apologise to Jen who had to witness me puke. I feel realy bad if I ruined our day together. I promise the next time will be better!! PROMISE!!