The Slacker Confessions

8:02 PM

Here I am, on the computer while the rest of the hardworking sec 3 population are busy preparing for the Mother Tongue O'levels tomorrow. I feel like such a slacker! I have to admit, I don't think I've done enough to assure me a distinction for my papers tomorrow. So far, I've been cramming Malay proverbs into my head and attempted to do two compositions, just for practice. And I suppose I should try and do some Malay papers as well, but the problem is... (and I totally hate myself for this) I've left my Malay file in Diyanah's locker. Really, sometimes my stupidity amazes even me!!

I had the weirdest dream ever last night. It was even weirder than the dream where I was peeling potatoes all night. Even weirder than the one where I was in alligator school and I had to train alligators to get a good grade. However, it wasn't as disturbing as the dream where I got my big toe cut off after PE. But more on those dreams some other time! I just thought I'd share this one 'cos it's been at the back of my head, and it's really bugging me. The dream I had last night went like this. I was innocently watching a movie (I can't make out what movie it was), and then, out of nowhere I got whacked by this heavy green object. It was like POW!! And the next thing I know, my head was in my nachos and my hair was drenched with cheese but I was knocked out cold. Somehow though, I heard this oh-so-farmiliar voice chanting, "Mengong! Mengong! Bahlul! Mak Saleh pekat!Pergi makan keju!". If you don't understand what I just typed, they happened to be a series of Malay insults which Cikgu Asnah frequently use on us. It was then that I realized that she whacked me with my Malay file. When I finally came round, I found myself in the middle of an examination, with a massive bump on my head. I looked around and everyone suddenly turned to look at me. I was like, "What?!". They started sniggering. I looked at myself and to my horror, I was wearing pyjamas with pictures of cheese all over. Plus, it was too small for me! It was then that I just took my pen and stabbed myself.

I woke up.

It was around 5am-ish. Wasn't that the wackiest dream ever! I was totally freaked out by it! So, today, I helped my mom with her grocery shopping. Went to Cold Storage where she bought SO much stuff. Shopping with my mom can be some sort of body-building work-out! The plastic bags are sooooooo heavy!!! And while waiting for my mom to pay for it all, I thought I'd do a bit of weight-lifting. I took the heaviest plastic bag and started lifting it like a barbell! My mom was laughing at me so hard, she almost cried! Jeez! There was NO need to laugh that hard, y'know! I was simply trying to burn some calories while helping my dear mother! See, what a kind soul I am! Hahaha! =X

Well, anyway, tomorrow's gonna be a good day, I think! I'm gonna go buy a pair of AWESOME new shoes!! AND I'm gonna watch Death Note! Yayness!! =)

Darn, my dad's going all wack-o on me! I have to go! ADIOS!!

Love caught my breath
When I gazed upon
His lovely face.
It took my voice;
The very words I sung
Was stolen for
His own.

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