10:52 AM

I can't write much since in reality I should be getting ready to go for my next show this afternoon. Okay, yester-yesterday night, there was alot of fuss because there was this group of Mat Janitors (y'know the usual ugly deformed hair and tapered pants) hanging around and disturbing the kids. It turns out that one of 'em wanted MY number!! I'm like... EEEEEWW!!!!! MEGA EEEEEWWW!!!!!! For one, he's a cleaner/janitor/whatever. Second, he's a MAT! Thirdly, he actually asked one of the KIDS ensemble to ask for my number! What a COWARD!!! Asking a KID to do his dirty work (I don't mean that literally though. That would be just sick) for him. NAturally the kids thought that it was a big deal and made it seem like he was some sort of stalker. Which obviously (and hopefully) he isn't.

I guess I should be flattered 'cos nothing like this EVER happens to me. But somehow I was slightly offended as well. I mean, Jeez! Did he ACTUALLY think that I was gonna give him, a COMPLETE STRANGER my number? There're mirrors in the toilet, right? Why don't they - Okay,, I am not going to comtinue 'cos I think I'm gonna be really mean if I were to say what I really wanted to say. I mean, who am I to judge them?!

I just found something out about Taufik Batisah, our Singapore Idol. It may shock Dinah MZ. I can't post it here though. It's private... HAH!!!!!

Ivan Cheng is SO funny in between shows. HE does this immitation of a pole dancer/stripper. SO funny! Oh! I REALLY have to get going. I'll write more later.

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