To Rebond or Not To Rebond...

7:48 AM

That is the the question. And the answer is NOT to rebond...I think. Dinah MZ told me like a BAZILLION times that I should rebond. And my dad insisted that I must rebond. My mom was all for it. And it's not like I don't WANT to rebond my hair and all. I really do! But there's just this voice at the back of my head...and it's telling me not to do so. I know, I know! Hearign voices is not exactly a good sign and listening to voices in one's head is a big 'no, no'. But this is not some psychotic voice telling me to kill half the population of Singapore or whatever. This is my Voice of Reason and Logic. I bet you're pretty surprised that I even HAVE a Voice of Reason in the first place but I do. And it kept on prompting me not to go for this rebonding thing.

But seriously, why SHOULDN'T I rebond my hair? It would make my frizzy hair nice and smooth. Not to mention silky. And a big plus would be that I won't even need to bother brushing my hair early in the morning! No need to hassle over my crowning glory very morning sounds really good. However, there's a VERY BIG chance that rebonding my hair will make me look like an alien. It might end up looking totally weird. Well, atleast for the first few days. But since I have rehersals everyday, (except for today) I usually don't want to come into contact with humans when I look weird. So, it's not an option since I'm gonna be out everday. It has to look good by the next day at least. And of course, rebonding is SO DAMN EXPENSIVE!!! I asked the woman how much it would cost to rebond my hair. She said that usually it's $120 but since my hair was so short, it would cost about $100. I was immediately turned off and the Voice of Reason rang in my head louder than ever. It said, "Oh, my god!! A hundred bucks!! That's just NUTS!!! Not to mention my hair is SO short. It would just grow and make it such a waste of money!!" And so, I didn't rebond my hair...eventhough I meant to. And eventhough my dad was sponsoring me. In the end, I went to this Hair Salon called... Okay, I forgot what it's called but that's besides the point. All that mattered was that I knew where it was and that it was the Salon for me. No, no, it's no longer De Peach for me. Everytime I go there for a trim, my hair turns out a total disaster. The woman just doesn't know style or something. But their rebonding is good. I rebonded my hair there before. But I'm always afraid to trim my hair there. So now I found this NEW salon that TOTALLY fits me. So I cut my hair even shorter over at the better salon. Now, it's really wuite short. Almost like Dinah Bee's. But of different style. I am satisfied with the cut - For once. Usually, I go moaning and groaning about how terrible my hair looked and all. But I like this short cut. It feels light. Yup, I'm happy that I listened to my Voice of Reason!

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We WON!!! WE WON!!!!!! Before you think that I have finally gone completely bonkers, please hear me out first. I am totally ecstatic! We (Shahidah, Dinah MZ and me) won the Wheel Of Taboo Challenge yesterday! It was SO cool. There were 3 other schools: St. Nick Sec, Orchid Park Sec and Presbyterian Sec. I was quite nervous at first. It had been a LONG time since we played the game. When it was our turn, my spirits were lifted by the cheering of fellow Andersonians. Andy and Jonathan were there. Khairi, Azizi, Buddhacius, Jeremy Soo and Shi Min were there too. Dinah Bee was the host. She made an awesom host... No big surprise there. She added a lot of Drama into the boring atmosphere. The wheel was our enemy. If there were no wheel in the first place, we would have totally won the thing hands down. But we got a very big lead and it was tough for the rest to ctahc up. There was once when the word 'Tuxedo' came out. I simply said, "Taufik Batisah looks handsome in a..." And Shahidah and Dinah MZ immediately screamed, "TUXEDO!!!!" This caused the whole room to explode with laughter. I guess it was kindda funny. But we know each other So well. It seemed so easy. There was refreshments after the first round and I loved that custard eclair thingy! It was fab!

The second round wasn't as hot as the first one. The wheel kept giving us bad spins and it was really unlucky. But we had a really big lead so we won. It was totally COOL!! I really feel like playing it again. After the challenge, I had to rush off to rehersals. I was slightly late but no big eal. I told the Stage Manager beforehand.

When rehersals finished and all of us were heading home, Gene treated us (US meaning Ebi, Umar and me) to makan at Delifrance. It was SOOOO FAB!! Then, Ebi and Umar chaffuered me home 'cos it was getting late. Al in all, a very good day (yesterday and today). Later tonight, I'm gonna go watch Harry Potter 4. I heard from Dinah and Shahidah that it was really good. I'm gonna go watch it with my dad and sis. I'll tell you more about it after I watched it, k? By the way, I just have to say that the songs in Oy! Sleeping Beauty! are totally FAB!! Totally FABULOUS!!! There's this song that Hatta and Pamela Oei sang together called, 'Adventure Called Love' and it's my fave song in the whole play. It's SOOOO good! I wish I could show y'all the lyrics but I can't. I have been sworn to secrecy by the contract so... you guys just have to watch it. That's it for now. Arrivederci!

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