Sexy Costumes

5:00 AM

Just a few days ago, I got to try out my costumes. I am part of the teen chorus but we were given some roles. I am a villager, courtier, corperate executive sleepwalker, SIA stewardess and a model. That sounds like a lot but really it isn't. I hardly have any lines but I do have COSTUMES. My villager outfit is really 'Melayu', y'know? It's like a baju kurung with a batik sarong. It's really very nice and kampong-ish. It's green and brown: Earthy colours. Next, the courtier outfit. Well, I just received the role so, they didn't have the costumes ready for me yet but I know how it looks like. It's SO gorgeous!! It's a red strapless gown with shimmering and swishy skirt. Over it, we'll be wearing a translucent gold kebaya-like blouse. It's really FAB. It's almost princess-y! Moving on, the corperate executive outfit is very, very nice. It's a Dano 'working woman' suit. It's brownish black, straight-cut with skirt. It's so bloody comfortable and I fell so... Sophisticated whenever I'm wearing it.

The SIA stewardess outfit is sooooooooo tight and curvy. Plus there's this REALLY ginormous slit at the front. And the tricky thing for me is that I have to DANCE in that Tight, Curvy thingy. And the dance number is the most difficult one, too!!!! To make it even more difficult, I have air stewardess heels!! o___O" But it seriously looks good. It's the real thing too. Not the fake ones you find at the tourist shops!

Oh, my GOD!!! The Model dress is ... well, I dunno what to say. It's a halter dress, Blue and gorgeous. But I have never (and probably will ever) wear something like that. It's really quite skimpy. AND it's really low-cut. I feel so exposed when I'm wearing that dress.

Oops! I'll tell you more bout it later. I'm going out with Ebi and Umar to watch Harry Potter now. Ya, ya, I know I said I was gonna watch it earlier but I had a big fight with my dad and... well, that's not the point. The point is that I have to go off now.

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